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VoiceGenie Developer Workshop

The welcome screen to the VoiceGenie Developer Workshop introduces the main navigation screen in the left frame (see Figure 3). The main frame gives high-level descriptions and links to the environment, support, and developer resources.

Figure 3Figure 3 VoiceGenie Developer Workshop opens with descriptions of the major tools and resources, and the standard navigation menu.

Developer Workshop offers the following standard tools:

  • The code validator, VoiceXML Validator, doesn't have a text entry window; instead, you either enter the URL of the file or select a file on your PC to be validated. The validator not only checks your code, but displays your application visually in the form of a flow diagram.

  • Using the log viewer, Call Log Explorer, you can browse previous call logs by time and access detailed information about a particular log.

  • VoiceGenie takes a different approach in its text interface, GenieTracer, a text-based VoiceXML interpreter useful for developing your applications locally or offline. It accepts either an URL or a local file, and allows you to interact with the application both in batch and interactive modes. GenieTracer is available for download from the Developer Workshop site. This tool is currently a beta release, but looks promising for those simulating their applications offline.

  • Developer Workshop has a range of support and resources including sample code, tutorials, white papers, developer forums, links, and a FAQ.

In addition to the expected development tools, VoiceGenie Developer Workshop offers an Audio Converter and Record By Phone. Audio Converter converts your audio files to the Dialogic Vox format supported by VoiceGenie's platform. You can record audio files by calling the Record By Phone tool, which emails you the final recorded file in Vox format.

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