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Tellme Studio

In addition to its Application URL tab for linking to your application, Tellme Studio also has a Scratchpad (see Figure 2) for running one-page VoiceXML documents. Here, you can enter VoiceXML code directly into the editor, click the Update button, and immediately call Tellme to run the code.

Figure 2Figure 2 Tellme's MyStudio opens to the Scratchpad, where you can run one-page VoiceXML documents.

Studio's code validator, text interface, log viewer, and other tools are integrated into the Scratchpad and Application URL tabs. From those screens, you can invoke these tools from a row of buttons beneath the tabs.

Tellme Studio offers the following standard tools:

  • The code validator, whose detailed results are accessed by clicking the Check Syntax button, simply checks your code and reports errors and line numbers. The validator is invoked when you update the Scratchpad or Application URL screen.

  • The Debug Log presents trace messages that are color coded and can be filtered by type.

  • Using the VoiceXML Terminal, you can interact with your application and respond to text prompts on the terminal with text input.

In addition to standard web-based features, Studio offers Record By Phone and Grammar Tools. Record By Phone allows you to call Tellme and record a message. The audio file is then emailed to you attached as a file.

Grammar Tools includes several useful tools for building grammars. The Grammar Tools IDE is similar to the VoiceXML interface, with grammar-specific menu buttons for the following:

  • Scratchpad—The default grammar tab, this screen allows you to enter a grammar in the text window and click the Check Grammar button to validate the grammar code you entered.

  • Grammar URL—Performs grammar validation on grammars located on your web server.

  • Parse—Allows you to enter phrases and find out how they will be recognized using the last grammar you validated.

  • Generate—Displays all the phrases your last validated grammar can recognize or a random sample of recognizable phrases.

  • DTMF—Generates the DTMF sequences for a word or a comma-separated list of words.

Tellme support includes reusable source code modules and documentation in addition to its web-based IDE and standard support methods, such as a FAQ, newsgroups, and release notes. Tellme's libraries of audio files and grammars are very useful.

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