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HeyAnita FreeSpeech

You can use the HeyAnita FreeSpeech VoiceXML IDE to link to your application's URL and run your VoiceXML code. The IDE also supports a rapid application method of coding where you enter your code into the text screen, and the code is stored on HeyAnita's web server (see Figure 1). Enter your code in the screen and click the Update button, and you can test the code immediately. This is helpful for learning and trying one-document applications.

Figure 1Figure 1 After logging in, HeyAnita FreeSpeech displays the VoiceXML IDE, defaulting to the RapidApp tab.

You can also upload multiple-page documents to HeyAnita's servers by using the FileApp tab. This lets you upload all your VoiceXML and supporting files, such as recorded audio and grammars, rather than hosting the files on your own web server.

HeyAnita offers the following standard tools:

  • HeyAnita's code validator is integrated in all the places where you can direct the gateway to VoiceXML code in the VoiceXML IDE. You can run the validator by clicking the Check Syntax button when you update code in the RapidApp screen, when you select files to upload to HeyAnita servers, or when you enter your application's URL in the URLApp tab.

  • To access HeyAnita's log viewer, click the Debug Log button from the RapidApp, URLApp, or FileApp tab.

  • HeyAnita doesn't currently support a text interface.

FreeSpeech also includes two interesting grammar tools:

  • Grammar Wizard simplifies the task of writing grammars, especially when you're just beginning to work with them, by taking you through a few input screens and generating a grammar. You enter the name and purpose of the grammar, and then supply the individual grammar entries. After you've created a couple of grammars and become more familiar with the process, you can create grammars more quickly in an editor.

  • Grammar IDE is useful for writing grammars for larger applications. Using this tool, you can check the syntax of grammars without the overhead of your application.

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