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BeVocal Café

The BeVocal Café File Management provisioning interface supports uploading your application to its web server in addition to linking to your application URL. You select individual tools from the navigation menu on the left side of the screen; the tool itself is in the main frame. Café offers the following features:

  • A code validator (VoiceXML Checker) is quick and reports line numbers of errors.

  • The log viewer (Log Browser) reports trace messages from a number of sources. The log color-codes trace messages according to the previous categories for easy scanning of the log during debugging. You can filter log entries by selecting the types of trace messages you want to see and deselecting the other types.

  • In addition to letting you interact with your applications using a text interface, Vocal Scripter has an interesting feature that lets you work in "bulk" mode, supplying a file that includes multiple responses to your application's prompts for a given scenario. This is a great feature for regression testing and takes some of the monotony out of other kinds of testing.

  • BeVocal also provides Port Estimator for determining the number of ports needed to support your application. You tell the estimator how your application will be used, such as call arrival rate and call duration, and the estimator tells you how many callers would be turned away for a range of port numbers.

  • Café includes good support, including documentation, newsgroups, a FAQ, links, and release notes.

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