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Configuring JBuilder 5 for EJB Development

The easiest way to create EJBs is with Borland's JBuilder 5. To connect Delphi to an EJB, the EJB needs to be deployed with Borland's Application Server (version 4.51 or higher). Both JBuilder 5 and Borland AppServer are available on the Borland web site as trial edition downloads. Typically, AppServer should be installed followed by JBuilder.

Before starting JBuilder, it's a good idea to set up a projects directory for all your JBuilder applications. Typically, this will be something similar to c:\MyProjects.

When you start JBuilder 5 and try to create an EJB using the wizards built into the IDE, they might be grayed out. If this is the case, JBuilder needs to be configured to point to the AppServer. This is a configuration setting in a JBuilder dialog box.

To configure JBuilder 5 for EJB support, follow these steps:

  1. Start JBuilder 5, go to the Tools menu, and select Enterprise Setup. This opens a dialog box to set the CORBA configuration.

  2. On the CORBA tab, select VisiBroker. JBuilder ships with VisiBroker for Java.

  3. Click the Edit button. The Edit Configuration dialog box appears. Enter the path to the ORB, where IDL2Java resides (typically, this is c:\Borland\AppServer\bin).

  4. Select the Application server tab. This is used to tell JBuilder which Application Server to use. Select BAS 4.5 and make sure that it's pointing to the AppServer directory (generally c:\Borland\AppServer).

  5. Under Projects, Default Project Proprieties, select the Servers tab. Then make sure that the Borland Application Server is selected. If not, click the ellipsis (...) button and add it to the configuration.

That should configure JBuilder for EJBs. Now we can create our first EJB.

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