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Processing Sequence

Let us review the entire sequence of events:

  1. In the IDE, the developer clicks on "Execute" to run the code for the application.

  2. This defines the necessary objects and methods.

  3. The last expression in the program, subscription_form returns a page which is displayed in the browser.

  4. Clicking the "Subscribe" button causes the action of the form, <subscribe fullname email/> to be executed. This calls the subscribe method which in turn causes the code for the subscribe method to be executed.

  5. Executing the body of the subscribe method does the following:

    1. Creates a subscriber

    2. Inserts it into the list of subscribers

    3. Creates a receipt page which is returned and displayed in the browser.

We covered a lot of material in a very short article. Basically, we took a design that took 7-9 lines of text to describe and implemented it in about 15 lines of code using only a single language, Water. If you have done web programming, I hope you see the huge simplifications that this approach brings to web development.

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