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This chapter is from the book


In this chapter we illustrated the basics of building microservices in Go. We took a look at the code you need in order to set up basic routes and handlers, but more importantly, we showed you how to build this code test-first.

Further, we walked you through getting your code deployed into the cloud. The rest of the book is going to get more technical and explore more in-depth topics, so you may want to take a moment to review any of the content of this chapter you didn’t quite understand before continuing on.

This would also be a great time to tinker a bit and create your own hello world services, deploy them to PWS and play with starting, stopping, and scaling your applications. You may also want to browse the marketplace in PWS to get an idea of the types of incredibly powerful services, including databases, message queues, and monitoring, that are available to the applications you deploy there.

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