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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Using Your iPad

Okay, now you can turn your iPad on and off (and lock it and unlock it, too). But what do you do with it once you turn it on?

Learn Essential Multi-Touch Gestures

You operate your iPad with your finger(s). You can perform different operations with different gestures.

Most everything you can do onscreen is based on a half dozen basic gestures. These are detailed in the following table.

Basic Touch Gestures

Navigate the Home Screen

On your iPad, the Home screen is where everything starts. When you press the Home button, you see the Home screen—or, more accurately, the first of several Home screens. All Home screens display a grid of icons that represent the apps installed on your device. You have as many Home screens as you need to display all your apps.

  • cir_1.jpg Press the Home button to display the first Home screen.

  • cir_2.jpg At the bottom of the screen is the Dock, where up to six app icons can be “docked” so that they appear on every Home page.

  • cir_3.jpg The number of Home screens on your iPad is indicated by a grouping of dots above the Dock; you see as many dots as you have Home screens. The screen you’re currently viewing is the solid white dot in the group.

  • cir_4.jpg Swipe left or right to view the next or previous Home screen.

  • cir_5.jpg Tap an icon to open the corresponding app.

View the Search Screen

The very first screen on your iPad actually isn’t a Home screen. This screen, to the left of the main Home screen (the one you see when you press the Home button), is called the Search screen and displays a search box along with a variety of “widgets.” These are small panels that display specific information, such as news, weather, appointments, and the like.

  • cir_1.jpg Press the Home button to display the first Home screen.

  • cir_2.jpg Swipe to the right to display the Search screen.

  • cir_3.jpg When held horizontally, you see two columns of widgets, as shown here. When held vertically, you see a single column of widgets. Tap any widget or notification to view more details or to open the corresponding app.

View and Close Open Apps

You open apps on your iPad by tapping the app’s icon on one of the Home screens. You can have multiple apps open at the same time, and easily switch between them.

  • cir_1.jpg To view all open apps, press the Home button twice.

  • cir_2.jpg You now see all your open apps, in a type of carousel. (Apple calls this the App Switcher.) Swipe left or right to focus on other apps.

  • cir_3.jpg Tap an app to go to that app.

  • cir_4.jpg Drag an app up and off the screen to close it.

Understand the Status Bar

Running across the top of every iPad screen is a transparent status bar. This status bar displays icons for various system operations and provides information that shows you how your iPad is working.

The following table details the more common icons you’ll find on the status bar, and what they mean.

Status Bar Icons

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