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Server Availability

Network administrators understand that there is no such thing as 100% uptime, but corporate executives do not. The enhancements that have been made to some core components in the server product line will help network administrators come closer to achieving the perfect 100% uptime we dream of.

Remote Installation Services (RIS) Improvements

RIS now supports not only Windows 2000, but also Windows XP. It also provides better support for remotely administered server installation. An administrator also has more control for answer file processing while installing a RIS client. The administrator also has access to the network files within the Recovery Console.

Network Load Balancing (NLB) Improvements

Multiple network adapters can now be configured to be bound by NLB, which improves the capability of multihomed routers. It also gives the administrator the ability to manage all adapters as one entity. This also helps to improve the performance of Microsoft's Internet Security and Acceleration (ISA) Server 2000. It will give the ISA server the capability to load balance between both sides of the firewall/proxy.

User State Migration Tool (USMT)

This is similar to system state backup/restore for servers. In this case, it creates a capture of all of the user's settings, files, and documents. This greatly improves the movement of users from one machine to another. It resets all their desktop settings, including e-mail servers, proxy servers, desktop color schemes, and desktop wallpaper.

Emergency Management Services (EMS)

EMS is a new service that can be installed on .NET Servers to assist in the administration of servers that are not available for administration by using any other means. EMS should be utilized when all other forms of administration are unavailable (that is, Terminal Services or Telnet). EMS requires appropriate hardware for connectivity to the server, which are usually serial cables and/or terminal concentrators. This service is usually accessed via a terminal emulation program that is capable of VT-UTF8, VT100+, or VT100 terminal emulation.

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