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Acceleration Pool System Advantages

Overall, we believe that the Acceleration Pool approach is more effective than traditional replacement-management systems and that it provides a wide range of advantages by comparison. These advantages can be summed up as:

  • Faster and simpler.

  • Less paper.

  • More accurate.

  • More focused on development.

  • Higher level of involvement and buy-in from pool members and managers/mentors alike.

  • Greater integrity and fairness (more open approach, less "old-boy network").

  • More flexible—the system takes the individual's needs into account.

  • More focused on retaining people, as opposed to simply placing them.

  • Linked to business plans and strategies.

This chapter has outlined the Acceleration Pool approach—how and why it works. But there are many variations and nuances that need to be understood to transfer the concept to a specific organization. The rest of this book explores Acceleration Pools in greater detail.

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