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16. Top management (finally) has accurate, timely information for key appointments.

A common source of frustration for senior managers is the lack of credible and comprehensive information on candidates for leadership positions. Acceleration Pool members keep an online portfolio of their development needs and accomplishments.

The online Career Development Portfolio is accessible only to the individual pool members and members of the Executive Resource Board. DDI believes this portfolio will soon become part of most Acceleration Pool members' personal web pages on their organization's intranet.

This approach solves what historically has been one of the great human resource problems of large organizations: the inability to closely monitor employees' changing skills and knowledge. Most companies simply don't know when their people develop new skills, learn a new language, or experience new challenges. Usually, they ask their employees to complete periodic surveys to update their database, but that's a fairly hopeless task in an increasingly fast-paced world. In the Acceleration Pool system, on the other hand, pool members know they are responsible for the currency and accuracy of such data. And, they know that top management will review these data at least every six months, which gives them a powerful motivation to keep the data current.

17. The pool is solely line-management driven and not at risk of being seen as another "HR program."

Senior management is actively involved in ways that maximize the impact of their time. HR supports, advises, facilitates, and does many other important things to make the Acceleration Pool system work, but they don't own the system.

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