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  1. Introduction
  2. DDS Standards
  3. DDS System Processes
  4. Decentralized Application Deployment Process
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Decentralized Application Deployment Process

To put the decentralized development system into place and deploy it, you'll need to perform the following steps:

  1. Inventory all decentralized applications.

  2. Create centralized or localized application depots on system servers.

  3. Implement a strict directory structure for application storage.

  4. Create a code-signed VBScript to replace the application's normal shortcut.

  5. Distribute the application "shortcut" through email or deposit the shortcut on the departmental intranet page.

  6. Communication and training to users.

  7. Communication and training to DDS developers.

  8. Centralized DDS development guidelines and support.

  9. Centralized DDS depot administration.

The implementation of such a system completes the development support infrastructure design. Now the corporation can support local, centralized, and decentralized development while maintaining service-level agreements. In addition, it has put in place a global development coding support system, ensuring that long-term development projects don't introduce older components into the network infrastructure. IT is pleased because they can fulfill their mission. So are developers, corporate as well as user-developers.

Organizations can only gain by implementing these strategies. After all, the objective of custom development is mission support. How could organizations be unhappy about better mission support infrastructures?

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