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The Search for the Wicked Witch

In the Wicked Witch’s chamber, the Witch casts a spell and opens up three portals—blue, purple, and yellow. She can use these portals to move around the room very fast, and you want to seal these portals so she can’t use them.

Enter the room and fight off the various guards that attack. In the room are three hidden objects that can be found and built. Once you have built them all, Gandalf can use his Magic to move each object up to one of the portals to block that portal’s use.

To the right of the room, destroy the green crates to reveal some bouncing LEGO pieces. Use these with the B button to build an orange handle on one of the wooden cages stacked against the left wall. Batman can use his Grapple ability to pull out a cage. Switch to Gandalf and use his Magic (X) to first destroy the cage (with a flying monkey inside) and then defeat the monkey. Once the monkey is defeated, use Gandalf’s Magic to repair the cage (B) and move it over the yellow portal.

The Witch casts a spell that surrounds the characters with chains. Move your character’s minifig to another pad on the Toy Pad to break the spell.

Move to the raised platform behind the portals and defeat the two guards. Gandalf finds a special object that needs his Magic ability. Use B to raise the object and then drop it. Destroying the object reveals parts that form a target for Batman’s Batarang. If you switch to Batman and hit the target, a chandelier drops. Repair it and press and hold B to use the chandelier parts to block the purple portal.

The final portal is to the left of the room, just beneath the blue portal. Change to Wyldstyle and use her Acrobat ability to jump up to the blue handle and pull it down. This rotates the bookcase to the left and reveals additional parts that must be assembled (B button). Assemble the item and then have Gandalf raise it up to block the blue portal.

Once all three portals are blocked, the Wicked Witch finds herself trapped as she flies around the room. In the center of the room, her crystal ball and table are destroyed, forcing the witch to drop down and remain in the rear of the room. Move to the center of the room and use B to build a water-squirting device. Press Y to sit on the device and then aim it at the witch using the LJ. Press X to fire a stream of water, and the witch melts.

Batman can use his Grappler to grab the purple relic before it gets sucked into the portal that appears. All three characters can then jump into the portal and return to the Gateway.

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