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The Winged Monkeys

Inside the castle, soldiers attack. Search the room for studs and then move up the stairs on the left side of the room. (A Game Save tool is available in this room; use it if you wish to save your progress.)

After you go up the stairs, flying monkeys attack and light the stairs on fire. Jump down before the stairs collapse.

When Wyldstyle discovers a relic with her Relic Scanner, use the Batarang to pull on the handle and remove the rest of the stairs to reveal parts for a special double wall that Wyldstyle can climb. Destroy the wooden beams blocking the wall and get Wyldstyle up to the higher platform, using her Acrobatic ability.

When Wyldstyle reaches the upper platform, defeat the two guards and move to the right, where you’ll find a winch that can lower a rope for Batman and Gandalf to climb. Change to Batman or Gandalf and move toward the rope. Press A to jump on the rope and then push the LJ up/forward to climb the rope. Press A to exit the rope.

After you get both Batman and Gandalf to the top platform, move Gandalf toward the door underneath the blue dragon and press and hold B to use his Magic ability on each of the three blue dots to open the door and enter the next room—the Witch’s chamber!

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