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The Road Through the Forest

A strange device appears in the forest (Figure 3.7). Move a character near it and press B to use it. This is the Game Save tool.

Figure 3.7

Figure 3.7 The Game Save tool lets you save your progress.

The Game Save tool offers three options:

  • Save and Continue—Your progress is saved and the game continues.

  • Save and Exit—Your progress is saved, and you exit the game and return to the Gateway room.

  • Cancel—Your progress is not saved, and if you quit and return to the game, you start at the last saved point prior to this one.

After you select an option, the Game Save tool disappears. If you wait around this area too long, flying monkeys attack. Fight them off and continue on the path. To the far right, you encounter a silver barricade. Only characters that have the LEGO Silver Blowup ability may pass.

The path continues up (North), and the characters encounter a large tree with a glowing red apple. Target the apple with Gandalf’s Magic or Batman’s Batarang. When the apple drops, the tree comes to life, and flying monkeys attack. Attacking any monkeys holding LEGO pieces causes them to drop the pieces.

Use a character to build a larger Super Saw (by pressing B) from the dropped pieces and then move it to the right of the tree in the area indicated by the white outline of the Super Saw. The tree runs away, leaving behind a prickly vine that hurts you if you attempt to cross over it. Use the Batmobile to break through the vine and allow the characters to pass through and continue on the path.

Another solid wall is covered with vines, skeletons, and other LEGO pieces and blocks the characters’ path. Be careful to avoid any green spiky vines coming out of the ground; they knock out a character for a few seconds.

Move Wyldstyle to the right of the vine barricade and place her minifig on the purple pad so she can use her Relic Scanner. She uncovers a crate with an orange handle, and you can use Batman’s Batarang ability to pull down the crate.

Parts appear that you can assemble to form a boost pad (Figure 3.8). Use any character to build the ramp (by pressing and holding B). You can drive a vehicle over a boost pad to gain speed and jump over obstacles.

Figure 3.8

Figure 3.8 The boost pad can get vehicles over indestructible obstacles.

After you jump over the vine wall, it gets destroyed, revealing a long bridge with another boost pad. Collect the studs on the bridge and then use the boost pad to jump over the next obstacle.

As you approach the castle, the characters see soldiers entering the castle and the drawbridge closing. Collect as many studs as you can and approach the drawbridge. Once you get near the drawbridge, the soldiers attack. Knock them out and collect the studs.

To the left of the drawbridge are a number of containers and weapons. Destroy them, collect the studs, and then press B to build an Accelerator Switch. Drive the Batmobile onto the Accelerator Switch and use it to lower the drawbridge. A closed gate blocks entry to the castle. Place Wyldstyle on the purple pad, and her Relic Scanner reveals a target that Batman can hit with his Batarang. Hit the target, and the gate opens.

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