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Don't Be an Unwitting Collaborator

If you think your network opens up to cyber-terrorists only through a keyboard, then you're dead wrong. Social engineering may be the easiest and cheapest way for a terrorist to break into any computer system or physical plant. There's a world of social engineering tools available for use by cyber-terrorists, including phone techniques, mail techniques, Internet techniques, and live techniques.

Your human firewall is your organization's first line of defense. But policies and procedures to strengthen that firewall are for naught if they're not taught to and reinforced on employees. Active employee education is key. Education should be part of new employee orientation to the organization, and periodic refresher courses should be held to keep your organization up to date on changes to security policies and procedures.

Social engineering is a serious problem. It does no good to have firewalls, intrusion-detection software, and anti-virus software if employees give the key of the door to your organization to anyone who asks. Deterring social engineering is a team effort. If one person on the team strays, either by accident or on purpose, you might as well just hand the keys to your network to the cyber-terrorist.

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