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Configuring the Trusted Sites Security Zone

The Trusted Sites security zone sets Web content permissions for sites that are explicitly trusted, and are considered free of potentially offensive or unauthorized content and content that could damage or harm computers on your network. By default, the security level for this zone is set to Low. Configure this zone by completing these steps:

  1. In the Internet Properties dialog box, click the Security tab, and then click Trusted Sites in the zone list.

  2. Click Sites to define which sites are included in the Trusted Sites zone.

  3. Using the Trusted Sites Zone option, you can now add and remove trusted sites from this zone. All Web sites in this zone will use the zone's security settings. To add a site, type its IP address in the Add This Web Site To The Zone text box, and click Add. To remove a site, select the site in the Web Sites list box, and select Remove.

  4. You can also require security verification using HTTPS. Select Require Secure Verification (HTTPS) For All Sites In This Zone to enable this feature, or clear the related check box to disable this feature.

  5. Click OK, and move on to configuring the Restricted Sites Security Zone.

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