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Audio Resource

The audio resource is responsible for playing audio files, usually downloaded from the Internet. The supported file formats are strictly platform-dependent, but variations on the WAV format are the most widely advertised supported formats. Streaming audio is becoming a highly desirable feature, especially in the market spaces of newsfeeds and music via the phone.

Design Considerations

When you're working with the audio resource, keep the following design considerations in mind:

  • At last count, numerous variations exist on the types of WAV file formats. Determine which formats are natively supported—that is, at the board level—and which formats are supported via a near real-time conversion subsystem. This latter point might have significant impact on the application's throughput performance. These same issues hold for other audio formats as well.

  • As of this writing, audio streaming is not part of the VoiceXML specification. However, some of the considerations include controlling the media stream in a fashion similar to that of a PC-based media player. Features such as pause, rewind, stop, and so on might be considered for the player.

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