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Like this article? We recommend

Responding to and Accepting Invitations

If you're an administrator, and you receive an invitation for Remote Assistance, here are the steps for accepting it:

  1. Open the e-mail message containing the invitation and then access the attachment, or double-click the invitation if it is saved to a file. The Remote Assistance dialog box starts a session after an invitation has been received.

  2. Type the invitation password if prompted, and click Yes to start the session. Windows XP will attempt to make a connection to the user's computer. Providing you have established a network connection and the invitation is still valid, a connection is established.

  3. The user next sees the Invitation Accepted dialog box, and is asked to click Yes to allow the session to be started. The user can also select the Optimize Performance For Administrator field, which allows the user to optimize the system by reducing color quality on the computer and turning off background graphics.

  4. After the session is started, you can view the user's screen. If the control has been granted, applications can be navigated.

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