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In Access 2002, it seems as though there are more choices to make than ever. These choices are definitely ones that you need to make before you delve into creating an application. For more information on the technologies discussed in this chapter, see these chapters:

  • Chapter 5, "Introducing ActiveX Data Objects," gives an overview of the ADO object models and how to use them in your applications.

  • Chapter 6, "Using XML with Access 2002," gives an overview of using XML within Access 2002, both through the interface, and using the MSXML object model.

  • Chapter 23, "Moving Workgroup Applications to Client/Server," talks about what it takes to move your applications to a client/server platform and the issues involved.

  • Chapter 24, "Developing SQL Server Applications by Using ADPs," goes into detail about using the new Access Database Project for a front end.

  • You also can read more about the object model for DAO and how to use it at www.samspublishing.com. Just type this book's ISBN in the Search field and look for Appendix C, "Working with Data Access Objects."

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