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1.3 Related Publications

PDF and the PostScript page description language share the same underlying Adobe imaging model. A document can be converted straightforwardly between PDF and the PostScript language; the two representations produce the same output when printed. However, PostScript includes a general-purpose programming language framework not present in PDF. The PostScript Language Reference is the comprehensive reference for the PostScript language and its imaging model.

PDF and PostScript support several standard formats for font programs, including Adobe Type 1, CFF (Compact Font Format), TrueType®, and CID-keyed fonts. The PDF manifestations of these fonts are documented in this book. However, the specifications for the font files themselves are published separately, because they are highly specialized and are of interest to a different user community. A variety of Adobe publications are available on the subject of font formats, most notably the following:

  • Adobe Type 1 Font Format and Adobe Technical Note #5015, Type 1 Font Format Supplement

  • Adobe Technical Note #5176, The Compact Font Format Specification

  • Adobe Technical Note #5177, The Type 2 Charstring Format

  • Adobe Technical Note #5014, Adobe CMap and CID Font Files Specification

See the Bibliography for additional publications related to PDF and the contents of this book.

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