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Click here to download Visual Basic .NET example programs that demonstrate design time and runtime data binding.

For quick-and-dirty applications, binding data to a DataGrid control can be a powerful technique. With very little effort, a bound DataGrid lets you provide a method for viewing, adding, modifying, and deleting records in a database table.

You can also bind data to controls other than the DataGrid to database objects. For example, you can bind TextBoxes to fields in the selected data much as you can bind TextBoxes in Visual Basic 6. You can then use a CurrencyManager object to let the user navigate through the selected data. Once you understand how the connection, data adapter, and DataSet objects work together, this sort of binding isn't too difficult.

For more information on these and other Visual Basic .NET database programming topics, see the online help or my book Visual Basic .NET Database Programming (Que, 2002, http://www.vb-helper.com/vbdb.htm).

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