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The Global Growth of the Internet

Among all the numerous advances in the field of IT, none has had more widespread global impact than the unprecedented growth and use of the Internet.

What began as a relatively limited-use tool for sharing research information between Department of Defense agencies and universities has completely changed the manner in which corporations, universities, governments, and even families communicate and do business.

The commonplace nature of the Internet in business and in the home generated a need for more stringent control over access. The systems management function of security evolved as a result of this need, providing network firewalls, more secure password schemes, and more effective corporate policy statements and procedures.

As the capabilities of the Internet grew during the 1990s, the demand for more sophisticated services intensified. New features such as voice cards, animation, and multimedia became popular among users and substantially increased network traffic. The need to more effectively plan and manage these escalating workloads on the network brought about additional refinements in the functions of capacity planning and network management.

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