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Section 2.4: Installing SUNWccon Package on the Administrative Workstation (Management Server)

Install the Sun Cluster 3.0 software on the administrative workstation, for accessing the console on each cluster node.

Step 2.4.1—Installing the SUNWccon Package

Install the Sun Cluster 3.0 software SUNWccon package, which contains the administrative and console software, on the management server.

For example, change to the Sun Cluster 3.0 software "Packages" directory containing the SUNWccon package by entering the following commands.

clustadm# cd 
clustadm# pkgadd -d . SUNWccon

The installation of Sun Cluster 3.0 software is now complete. The cluster software provides the tools needed to build and manage the cluster. These tools will be used after configuring the cluster software.


To access the man (1M) pages and binaries for the Sun Cluster 3.0 software packages, the MANPATH and PATH variables will need updating.

Step 2.4.2—Automatically Setting Environment Variables

To automatically set the environment variables each time a new shell is invoked, add the following environment variables to your startup files (/.profile or /.cshrc) as shown in the examples in Appendix A.

  • Add /opt/SUNWcluster/bin: to the PATH variable.

  • Add /opt/SUNWcluster/man:/opt/SUNWconn/man: to the MANPATH variable.


It is important that you accurately enter the names of each variable. Ensure that the variables are set correctly to avoid unpredictable results.

Step 2.4.3—Initializing Changes

For the changes made in the previous step to take effect, log out and log back in as the root user, or execute the source command as shown in the following example.

clustadm# source /.cshrc {{for csh users}}

{{or, for the bourne shell you may enter: }}
clustadm# . /.profile

End of Section 2.4

This completes this section. The SUNWccon software has been installed.

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