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Section 2.5: Configuring the Management Server to Administer Cluster Nodes

Configure the management server to administer each of the cluster nodes as explained in the following sections.

Step 2.5.1—Creating the etc/clusters File

The first step is to create the /etc/clusters file with an entry for this cluster, as follows.

<Name of Cluster> <Node1 Name> <Node2 Name> ...


  • <Name of Cluster> is nhl
  • <Node1 Name> is clustnode1
  • <Node2 Name> is clustnode2

On the management server, create the /etc/clusters file, configuring clustnode1 and clustnode2. Verify that the /etc/clusters file is correct as shown in the following example.

clustadm# cat /etc/clusters
nhl clustnode1 clustnode2

Step 2.5.2—Enabling the Connection to the Terminal Concentrator

Configure the /etc/serialports file on the management server (administrative workstation) enabling a connection to the terminal concentrator (tc) through the ttya (serial) port. Create the /etc/serialports file by using the following format.

At the management server (administrative workstation), verify that /etc/serialports is correct, as follows.

clustadm# cat /etc/serialports
clustnode1 tc 5002
clustnode2 tc 5003


In this example, the TC has eight ports, 1–8. The 5002 entry refers to the TC physical port 2, and the 5003 entry refers to physical port 3. The tc entry must correspond to the hostname entry in /etc/inet/hosts.

Step 2.5.3—Disabling snmpdx Daemon

To avoid a potential conflict between the cluster control software and the Solaris OE snmpdx daemon, disable the snmpdx daemon by changing the file name that invokes the snmpdx daemon from /etc/rc3.d/S76snmpdx to /etc/rc3.d/s76snmpdx (note the lower case s). By changing the name of the file, this daemon will not start when the system initializes (init 3).

At the management server (administrative workstation), rename the file by entering the following command.

clustadm# mv /etc/rc3.d/S76snmpdx /etc/rc3.d/s76snmpdx

End of Section 2.5

This completes this section. You may now start the CCP.

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