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Create the Second Deck

You can use the Display Deck Wizard again to create the second deck in your application:

  1. Double-click the Application Map to display the Add Deck dialog box.

  2. Double-click Display Deck Wizard.

  3. Type More as the Deck Name.

  4. Type and Welcome to MobileDev as the Display Text.

  5. Click Next, Next, and Finish.

The More deck and default card are added to the Application Map, as shown in Figure 3.15.

Figure 3.15
Two decks are now shown on the Application Map.

Create a Link

The next step is to define the application flow by adding a link. We'll use another wizard, the Link Wizard. Follow these steps:

  1. Select the Welcome card on the Application Map.

  2. Move the mouse pointer to the center of the Welcome card until the pointer changes to an arrow.

  3. Click and drag the pointer to the More card. As you drag, a line appears between the two cards, as shown in Figure 3.16.

  4. Figure 3.16
    Drawing a line between two decks or cards activates the Link Wizard.

  5. Release the mouse button to launch the Link Wizard, which is shown in Figure 3.17.

  6. Select Define a New Link as the link type.

  7. Change the Link Text to More. The other defaults are fine.

  8. Click Next.

  9. Figure 3.17
    The Link Wizard defines the application flow.

  10. The Parameter Definition page of the wizard, shown in Figure 3.18, lets you pass variables from the Welcome card to More. For the moment, however, you are not passing any variables, so just click Finish.

The link you just created is added to the Application Map, as you can see in Figure 3.19.

Figure 3.18
You'll see how to use variables and parameters soon.

Figure 3.19
Now the cards are linked.

Curious About the Code?

You may be wondering about the underlying WML or HDML code that is generated when you run these wizards to create decks, cards, and links. You can see—and edit—this code any time you like by double-clicking a deck or card (or by right-clicking one and choosing View Document).

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