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MobileDev provides several wizards—Deck Wizards, a Card Wizard, and a Link Wizard—to help you build your applications.

A wizard is a series of dialog boxes that accomplish a task. In MobileDev, wizards are used to automatically generate the interface elements and standard code in WAP applications. Wizards save you from a lot of repetitive coding and typographical errors.

MobileDev Wizards

MobileDev includes the following wizards, each designed to create a particular wireless Internet entity:

  • Display Deck Wizard—Adds a deck and card that displays information to a user.

  • Display Card Wizard—Adds a display card to an existing deck. See Figure 3.3 for an example of what a display card looks like in a running application.

  • Link Wizard—Adds a navigation link.

  • Menu Deck Wizard—Adds a deck, a series of cards, and links that allow a user to select and navigate in an application (see Figure 3.4).

  • Input Deck Wizard—Adds a deck and card that gathers user input (see Figure 3.5).

Figure 3.3 A display card provides information.

Figure 3.4 A menu is a series of cards and links.

Figure 3.5 An input card prompts you for information.

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