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Create a Project

The first step in building a MobileDev application is to create a project. In Chapter 2, you opened an existing project; now you'll create a new one. Creating a project really just means defining the locations for the various files that the application will create and use. Follow these steps:

  1. Choose File, New Project from the main menu, as shown in Figure 3.1.

  2. Type HelloWorld as the project name. The name can be any combination of letters and numbers, but don't include any spaces (use an underscore instead).

  3. The location is a folder on your PC where the project files will be stored. Accept the default location or choose another folder on your PC.

  4. The Document Path and CGI Script Alias entries are used to construct the links that define the application flow. These entries depend on your Web server configuration. For more information, see Appendix A, "Setup." If you installed Xitami, you can accept the defaults. If you are using another Web server, make sure the CGI Script Alias points to your CGI directory.

  5. Select Nokia 7110 as your browser brand and WML 1.1 as the document type.

  6. Select Perl Template as the application server.

  7. Click Create.

The Application Map—empty so far—is displayed.

Figure 3.1 The New Project dialog box contains file locations for the application.

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