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Run the Application

As you saw in Chapter 2, MobileDev's integrated phone simulator makes it easy to run and view an application. The Auto Mirror feature allows you to test decks using the integrated simulators.

When you ran the demo, you did not have to enable the Auto Mirror feature, because that was done for you at installation. However, when you create a new project, this feature must be enabled the first time you test the deck.

What's Auto Mirror?

Auto Mirror is just a fancy way of saying that MobileDev keeps a copy of your documents and scripts under your local Web server so that they can be accessed by a simulator.

To run the application and activate Auto Mirror:

  1. Select the Welcome deck. (Make sure the deck itself is selected, not just the card.)

  2. Right-click the deck and choose Run Deck, New MobileDev—Yospace 1.0 to run the deck in the Yospace phone simulator provided with MobileDev (or press Shift+F5 as a shortcut).

  3. The first time you run a deck, you'll be asked to enable and configure the Auto Mirror feature. Click Yes.

  4. In the Settings dialog box that's displayed (see Figure 3.20), check Auto Mirror Documents and Scripts to enable the feature.

  5. Make sure that the location of your Web server's document and CGI directories are correctly shown in the Doc. Folder and CGI Folder fields.

  6. Click Apply and then Close.

Figure 3.20
You should enable Auto Mirror the first time you test an application.

The Welcome deck of your application will be displayed in the phone simulator, as shown in Figure 3.21. Click the More link to see the second page.

Figure 3.21
Your application is displayed in the simulator.


If the application doesn't appear as you expect, check the following troubleshooting points:

  • Is your Web server installed, configured, and running? (See Appendix A: "Setup" for details.)

  • If you are not using Xitami (the default Web server), did you enter the correct locations in the Doc. Folder and CGI Folder fields of the Settings dialog box? (Again, see Appendix A.)

  • Did you make sure to draw the link between the cards, not the decks? (Linking decks rather than cards can give the wrong result.)

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