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The Value of Distinguishing Strategic from Tactical Processes

There are four reasons to identify systems management processes as either strategic or tactical in nature:

  • Some analysts by their nature are more strategically oriented, while others are tactically oriented. Understanding which processes are strategically or tactically oriented can facilitate a more suitable match when selecting a process owner for a particular discipline.

  • The degree of emphasis or support that an infrastructure places on specific processes can indicate an organization's orientation toward systems management processes. An infrastructure that focuses mostly on tactical processes tends to be more reactive in nature, while those focusing on strategic processes tend to be more proactive.

  • Infrastructure managers typically want to assess the quality and effectiveness of the 12 processes within their organization to determine which ones need the most refinement. Knowing the orientation of the processes requiring the most improvements indicates whether the necessary improvements are tactical or strategic in nature.

  • In a world-class infrastructure, each of the systems management processes integrates with one or more of the other processes for optimal effectiveness. Understanding which processes are tactical or strategic in nature assists in addressing integration issues.

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