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This chapter has presented an overview of the tools you can use to create your scripts as well as information about how you can reuse your scripts.

You can create Windows Script Host files with a .wsf extension that include XML markup along with script code based on the supported script languages in WSH. This enables you to create multiple jobs in one script file and provides a method to use functions from other scripts as well by incorporating include statements and function calls within the .wsf file.

You can also link your script files using the .wsf files or even calling them with batch files.

The WSH object model provides you with access to the various objects exposed by WSH for manipulating the operating system, user and group accounts, and even the registry. You can also inspect environment variables and execute scripts remotely on other computers using the various objects in the model.

Further information on each of the available objects along with their properties and methods can be found in Appendix A.

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