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XForms Implementations

X-Smiles is a Java-based XML browser from Helsinki University of Technology. It implements a large part of XForms, and uses XForms together with XSL-FO on the user interface side. It also supports XSLT, SMIL 1.0, SVG, and more. The latest version is 0.5, released January 2002.

Mozquito's new XML web user interface, XML WebAccess 2.0, enables standard web browsers to become the ubiquitous application front-end for all XML-based IT systems. Based on W3C's XForms, the official next generation of web forms co-developed by Mozquito, XML WebAccess 2.0 is available both for IIS and Apache server software.

Chiba provides an implementation of the W3C XForms standard, delivering generic, XML-based form processing for the web. Chiba is a Java implementation of the W3C XForms standard for use in web applications. The goal is to provide a production-quality processor to handle form processing generically. Chiba makes heavy use of XSLT that allows Chiba to extend the processor with user-defined components or to overwrite the standard behavior for more sophisticated layouts.

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