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Test Yourself


1. Given the output:

root        console        Sep 28 06:13    (:0)
pete        pts/2          Nov  6 05:23    (java)
mark        pts/6          Sep 28 06:13    (acorn)

Which statement correctly describes the command used to generate it?

  1. who -u

  2. rusers

  3. rwhod

  4. ps –u

2. Given:

# useradd –D   skel_dir=/etc/skel

What is the result?

  1. Existing users' .profile files are replaced by /etc/skel/.profile.

  2. The .profile files used for all subsequently created accounts will be copied from /etc/skel/.

  3. The default .profile files are deleted.

  4. Nothing. The command is invalid.

3. What command is used to search for files?

  1. seek

  2. search

  3. find

  4. fs

4. What is the purpose of the rusers command?

  1. List which local and remote users are logged on.

  2. Interactively remove user accounts.

  3. Bulk remove user accounts.

  4. List dormant user accounts.

5. Which three are valid expressions of the find command? (Choose three)

  1. -exec

  2. -run

  3. -path

  4. -user

  5. -owner

  6. -groupid

  7. -list

  8. -print

6. Given the passwd file entry:

pete:x:100:4:Peter Gregory:/export/home/pete:/bin/sh

What is this user's primary groupid?

  1. 100

  2. 4

  3. x

  4. It is NOT possible to tell.

7. Given the password file entry:

pete:x:100:4:Peter Gregory:/export/home/pete:/bin/sh

What is this user's first secondary groupid?

  1. 100

  2. 4

  3. x

  4. It is not possible to tell.

8. Given:


What is the effect of the user mark executing the newgrp staff command?

  1. The newgrp command will create a new group called staff, overwriting the existing entry.

  2. The newgrp command will attempt to create a new group called staff, but will be unable to because the group staff is password protected.

  3. The user will be prompted for the password for the group staff.

  4. The attempt will fail, because the group staff is locked by root.

9. Given the shadow file entry:


What is the meaning of the string NP?

  1. The user selected a short password which encrypts to the string "NP".

  2. The user's primary groupid is NP.

  3. No password is required to log into the account.

  4. The account is locked.

10. You need several people to log in to the same account to run an application, and you want files created by one person to be owned by all of the others. However, you do not wish to have the same password shared between all of the users. Which is the correct method to achieve this?

  1. Make all of the users members of the same group.

  2. Create all of the user accounts with the same user ID.

  3. Assign the same home directory for all of the users.

  4. Create one password file entry for all users, and one shadow file entry for each user.


11. What command is used to add a user account to the system?

12. You removed a user account from the system, but you did not check first to see if the user owned any files. What command and option should you use to locate files owned by that user?

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