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Migrating from PFILE to SPFILE

Oracle DBAs who want to migrate from a PFILE to an SPFILE can use the CREATE SPFILE command. To create an SPFILE you must have the SYSDBA or the SYSOPER system privilege. The CREATE SPFILE command can be used to accomplish this task. The SPFILE is created by using an existing PFILE as its basis. For example:

SQL>create spfile 'c:\oracle\spfile0101.ora'
2>from pfile 'c:\oracle\m901\initm901.ora';

The above command creates an SPFILE called spfile0101.ora in the c:\oracle directory. If the SPFILE name is omitted in the above command, a platform-specific server parameter filename is created in the platform-specific default location.

The contents of the server parameter file can be viewed by querying the V$SPPARAMETER view. As an alternative to modifying SPFILE by using the ALTER SYSTEM command, you can use the CREATE PFILE command to create a PFILE based on an existing SPFILE. This PFILE can then be edited using a text editor, just like the client initialization parameter file. Once the parameters are changed to the desired new values, the CREATE SPFILE command (as shown earlier) can be used to migrate from the PFILE to the SPFILE.

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