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Sample Technical Evaluation

Product/Vendor Specifications

  • Does the product require installation of software on a client machine? (This includes software for administrators.)

  • Does the product have a web-based client?

  • What operating system platforms are supported by the product?

  • What database platforms, if any, are supported by the product?

  • Does the product support clustering? If so, what type (failover, load-balancing, etc.)?

  • What are the hardware requirements?

  • Does the product utilize a scripting language? If so, which one?

Product References

  • Is there publicly available reference material, other than what has been produced by the manufacturer?

  • How long has the product been on the market?

  • What is the current version?

  • What are the current plans for future releases? Dates?

  • List key technology and business partners. Describe the relationships with these partners.

  • List five client references. Include all available contact information.

  • What is the product's reference platform? (What was it originally developed on?)


  • Is the product role-based? What is the security scheme?

  • Describe how the product handles templates. What is the process of creation? How is content associated with the template?

  • Is there date-based publishing?

  • Are there features to support workflow? Describe in the following terms:

  • Security

  • Approvals

  • Routing

  • Publishing

  • Does the product support static page generation?

  • Does the product support dynamic page generation?

  • Is it possible to integrate content from outside the product's repository? If so, how?

  • Describe the versioning capability of the product.

  • Does the product have any integration with Microsoft Office, StarOffice, or other office productivity packages? Is so, describe the integration.

  • Is there XML support?

  • Is there COM support?

  • Does the product integrate with a code versioning repository (such as Visual Source Safe)?

  • Does the product use a specific Integrated Development Environment (IDE)?

Costs, Implementation, Training, and Support

  • What are the approximate cost breakdowns in the following areas?

  • Base cost (include license structure—by server, processor, clients)

  • Support costs (800 number, web knowledge base, etc.)

  • Recurring costs (maintenance, etc.)

  • Training costs

  • What are the hardware requirements/costs?

  • What are the typical implementation timeframes? Is there a sample implementation plan/schedule?

  • What professional services (if any) are available? Third party?

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