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In the course of this article, we have examined several Internet-centric firewall designs in an attempt to meet security and performance requirements of multitier applications. In all scenarios, servers hosting application components were separated from the company's corporate network used to conduct internal business, as an initial step to segregate resources with different security requirements. To tightly control interactions between the application's tiers, we looked at hosting tiers of the application on dedicated subnets. By deploying firewalls in series, we were able to significantly increase the difficulty of obtaining unauthorized access to sensitive resources from the Internet. At the same time, each firewall layer increased the design's complexity, contributing to the cost of deploying and maintaining the infrastructure, and increasing the likelihood that it will be misconfigured.

The network design appropriate for your environment depends on the nature of your application and the risks that you are trying to mitigate by setting up a security perimeter around your servers. As we discussed, relying on a single firewall or combining application tiers into a single subnet often decreases the amount of control that you have over how application components are accessed.

However, beware of jumping to a design that incorporates three firewalls in series without first considering less expensive alternatives. In this article, we only touched upon some of the many ways of deploying firewalls with respect to each other, and we did not to examine the relationship between firewalls and other perimeter-defense devices. When designing your network, consider how other components of its perimeter, such as intrusion-detection systems, routers, and VPNs, may impact security of the infrastructure, and select a design that matches your application's architecture and your company's business needs.

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