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Extending Jython

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Writing Jython Classes in Java

When a Java class emulates a Jython module, functions within that module are often implemented as static class members. Emulating a Jython class in Java can therefore be implemented as a static inner class; however, the ClassDictInit interface allows more flexibility in this regard. To emulate a Jython class with Java, it is best to subclass the most appropriate Py* class found in the org.python.core package and then implement all the special methods required for the desired type of class. All classes written in Java may subclass PyObject and implement the __findattr__, __setattr__, and __delattr__. A Mapping object would subclass PyDictionary or PyStringMap and implement __finditem__, __setitem__, __delitem__, and the associated mapping methods. The same is true for Jython's other data types.

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