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Assumptions and Limitations

The configuration described in this article has the following characteristics:

  • Solaris 8 OE 10/01 software

  • System Management Services (SMS) 1.1 software

  • SUNWCall Solaris OE cluster

  • Sun Quad FastEthernet™ card installed in each domain

  • Solaris OE minimization not supported

The following sections describe each of these characteristics in greater detail.

Solaris 8 OE

This article is based on the Solaris 8 OE 10/01. All of the hardening results presented in this article were performed on this version of the Solaris OE. Using versions other than Solaris 8 OE 10/01 may produce results that are slightly different than those presented in this article.


The configuration described in this article was managed by a System Controller (SC) running SMS version 1.1. This was the configuration that was validated and verified. Using other SMS versions is not discussed in this article and is not supported.

Solaris OE Packages

The Solaris 8 OE installation discussed in this article is based on the SUNWCall cluster, which includes all Solaris OE software on the distribution CDs. In addition, required Sun Fire 15K packages must be installed. These packages will be enumerated.

Solaris Security Toolkit Software

The hardening of a Sun Fire 15K domain does not have to be performed through the use of the Solaris Security Toolkit software; however, because it provides an error free, standardized mechanism for performing the hardening process, and because it enables you to undo changes after they are made, it is highly recommended that you use the toolkit.

Network Cards

This Sun BluePrints OnLine article also assumes that at least one network card, such as a Sun Quad FastEthernet card, is installed in each domain being secured.


Minimization is not supported on Sun Fire 15K domains at this time. Only the Solaris OE hardening tasks discussed in this article are supported for a Sun Fire 15K domain.

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