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There will always be a compromise between ease of use and network security. All operating systems and applications have a number of known system vulnerabilities whose exploitation is only a mouse click away even for novice users.

  • Act on an aggressive security plan for network and system security.

  • Plug security holes with the most current version of the operating system and service patches.

  • Apply the same principle to all network services and client applications.

  • Back up all system data, and be able to reinstall operating and application components quickly.

  • Outline and prioritize the resources needed to maintain a secure network.

Two additional sources should be tapped when administrating Windows 2000 security. First, keep abreast of regularly posted security update white papers and bulletins on Microsoft's Web site at http://www.microsoft.com/security. Additionally, check the Web site for security patches. As the hacker community goes forward, Microsoft will regularly post protective patches to prevent attacks.

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