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If you choose to support transactions through your website, then you will need the Microsoft DTC Service, an application that allows programmers to code transactions within their applications. Luckily, Microsoft has included a tool within the cluster installation that automates the installation of Microsoft DTC (MSDTC) within your cluster.

To install MSDTC in your cluster, (assuming the Microsoft Clustering Service is installed and running) complete the following steps:

  1. Open a command prompt and type "comclust.exe." This will install the MSDTC resource into the same group as the Quorum resource. You will receive an error stating that the server is not a component load balancing server. This error can safely be ignored. Once the comclust.exe program completes, run the program on every node within the cluster. This will ensure that the proper registry entries are made within each node.


    If you need to uninstall the Microsoft DTC for any reason, you can run the comclust.exe program with the "-r" attribute. This will uninstall the application.

  2. Once you have completed configuring the MSDTC on each machine, open Windows Explorer and create a web directory on the shared disk that you wish to use for your website. You can use any name you wish, just make sure it does not contain invalid characters.

  3. Once the directory is created, add two new documents to the directory by right-clicking in the right window, then select New, Text Document from the menu. Name the files "default.htm" and "default.asp."

Once the directory and default documents are created, you are ready to proceed with the cluster resource installation and configuration.

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