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Ordering and Configuration

HP-UX 11i now comes in three different operating environments. Each consists of basic HP-UX plus a collection of layered software products. Certain products were commonly ordered standalone with the base operating system but now can be ordered under one environment. Starting with the Superdome systems, there will now be a per-CPU license charge.

Figure 2 depicts the three available commercial operating environments (OE). It shows that each is built on a base consisting of the same HP-UX 11i release and the same set of I/O and network drivers. These are the three environments that are available on the commercial servers. Each is a building block that is a superset to the one beside it; the Enterprise OE is comprised of all components delivered in the HP-UX 11i OE plus additional products, and the Mission Critical OE is comprised of all components in the Enterprise OE plus additional products.

The bottom environment, which is basic HP-UX, is available at no added cost. The Enterprise OE and the Mission Critical OE are available at an additional cost, based on the cost of the software products delivered in each.

Figure 2 HP-UX 11i Operating Environments.

The greatest advantage to the system administrator is a streamlined process for ordering and installing 11i. Ordering has been reduced from more than 20 line items to 4. The installation has been reduced tremendously by using only two CDs, eliminating code words, and doing less reboots. Testing becomes easier because of fewer software combinations to deal with.

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