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Windows and Linux Compatibility

Significant enhancements have been made to HP-UX to allow compatibility between Linux and HP-UX. APIs provide the capability to develop an application in Linux and port to HP-UX without recompiling. A variety of open-source tools and Gnu development tools are available on HP-UX 11i systems for application development. CIFS/9000 adds a way to exchange files between Windows and UNIX seamlessly. This software also provides Windows user authentication because it delivers UNIX client–to–Windows server capability.

For Java developers, HP-UX 11i now offers a set of tools for Java application deployment. These tools include the J meter profiling tool, Jconfig, and J patch. Adding Webgain Studio provides portability of Java applications from Windows to HP-UX 11i. Webgain Studio also has debugging capabilities for HP-UX11i. Java performance also been improved and has achieved a SPECjvm98 mark of 123 as well.

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