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End-to-End Manageability

Most HP-UX 11i systems are used in data centers, so manageability was a key focus in the development of HP-UX 11i. Included in addition to the system administration tool SAM are the Veritas Volume Manager, the Service Control Manager, the System Configuration Repository, the Event Monitoring System, and Ignite-UX. The base Veritas Volume Manager now comes standard as part of HP-UX 11i. It can coexist with HP's Logical Volume Manager (LVM), and it comes with a Java-based GUI to manage its Veritas volumes. In addition, users may use Veritas Volume Manager for their nonroot disks.

The Service Control Manager gives secure single-point administration for HP-UX multisystem environments. It provides an easy-to-use Web-based GUI and consistency management via simultaneous launch of tasks and tools on multiple HP-UX servers. In addition, it provides role-based management for increased security and efficiency and offers a significant productivity improvement for the multisystem administrator. The Event Monitoring System (EMS) provides real-time monitoring and error detection. It is highly integrated with the HP ServiceControl Manager, keeping the multisystem administrator aware of system operation throughout the cluster and notifying the administrator of potential hardware or software problems before they occur.

The System Configuration Repository offers centralized change management and tracking across multiple systems. It creates an audit trail of all changes and actions taken on all systems. Integration of the System Configuration Repository and the Service Control Manager saves administrators time and helps eliminate problems. Ignite-UX also works in conjunction with these products or on its own to deploy "golden images" of the system configuration. This is extremely useful in automatically backing up the operating system and application state of individual servers. It saves time by being able to perform restore operation simultaneously on multiple nodes.

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