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Internet-Critical Software

HP-UX 11i now provides Internet-critical software as part of the base operating environment. Several popular Web servers—namely, Apache, iPlanet Enterprise Server, and BEA Weblogic Enterprise server—are now included in HP-UX 11i. In addition, Nokia WAP server is included for Web serving to WAP devices such as cell phones and PDAs. For Web searching capability, the Infoseek search engine is included.

For managing Web traffic, HP-UX 11i includes WebQos, a software product that is critical to Internet applications because it manages Web quality of service without the use of any additional hardware. It does this by controlling how many users are allowed on a Web site, and it can be used to give preferred customers more preferential treatment than some user that was just browsing. For load balancing, HP-UX 11i includes Resonate and Automatic Port Aggregation (APA) software. Resonate helps to balance loads across multiple Web servers, ensuring better response time for all customers. The APA software offers automatic configuration and link failover and recovery.

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