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A Solution Based on SunPCi— IIpro, Citrix MetaFrame, and Sun Ray Products

A recent release of the SunPCi— IIpro card and software now supports all the components necessary for supporting wintel applications on the same Sun Ray server. The latest release of this product supports running the server versions of Windows 2000 and Windows NT. In addition, the product also supports the installation of more than one card into one Sun Enterprise server allowing the solution to scale within the same server. A Sun Ray server can now support both SPARC applications and wintel applications without the need of additional servers.

The products that make up this consolidated server (other than the Sun Enterprise server, and the Solaris OE) are listed here with a brief description:

  • Sun Ray appliance – Sun Ray appliances are stateless, zero administration clients that process only keyboard input and screen output, leaving all of the application processing and storage to the server.

  • SunPCi IIpro coprocessor card – This PCI card can be added to a Sun workstation or a Sun Enterprise server and allow support for Microsoft operating systems. It has a 733 Mhz. Celeron Pentium processor, and dedicated ports for 10/100 Ethernet, USB, VGA, and sound I/O. Disk support is supported via the Solaris OE.

  • Citrix MetaFrame software – This product consists of software that has both a server and client component that will allow users of a Solaris OE (SPARC Platform Edition) system to run wintel based applications running on another server supported by a Microsoft operating system.

  • Solaris™ PC NetLink software – Solaris PC NetLink software delivers native Windows NT network services—which include directory, authentication, and file-and-print services—on Solaris servers.

It is assumed the reader will have a basic knowledge of each of these products. You may wish to refer to the References section at the end of the article if you are not already familiar with the each of these individual products.

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