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In this chapter, we have taken a look at a people-oriented application and how Microsoft's .NET technology can be applied to the problem of decentralized collaboration that requires simple approval workflow. We showed once again how People-Types can be an effective way to focus our attention on design and implementation so that the three key principles of Internet development are effectively addressed. Discussing the application provided an opportunity to see the following .NET technology in action:

  • Web services
  • Server-side controls and events
  • Field validation
  • ASP .NET custom controls
  • Object serialization
  • NET's Internet classes
  • Various CLR classes
  • NET exception handling

ManagedSynergy is an excellent example of what we can accomplish using this new style of Web development. When you think of how we have leveraged the powers of abstraction in the past with object-oriented designs, and then you think about the new levels of abstraction that are possible with the CLR and Web services, it is easy to get truly excited about the future of software development. In fact, if you have not yet had the urge to tell complete strangers, regardless of their computer knowledge, about how cool all this is, chances are that you will.

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