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Not every IT professional is cut out to be a trainer. But many of you are! When I thought of writing this Now What? article, I was not sure how you, the readers, would react. Most IT professionals are comfortable in their positions working as programmers and systems engineers. Why should you bother teaching someone else what you know? The reason is simple: Someone had to teach you—either in a class, through a book (self-study), on the Internet, or through the Help pages that accompany many programs. Others want to learn what you know. Others want to be able to do what you do. How will others learn if someone does not teach them?

I hope that you will consider the career option of becoming an IT trainer if you are at a crossroads in your career. Consider the benefits and hope that you could provide others. I have a blast working as a trainer and systems engineer. My time in the classroom is fed by my time in the field, and my network of students feeds my time in the field. If you decide to become an IT trainer, seriously consider pursuing the CTT+ certification from CompTIA. It will open doors to training others in Microsoft, Prosoft, Novell, and other technologies. If it had been available when I started out, I would have opted for the CTT+ initially.

Let me know your thoughts on becoming an IT trainer and taking the CTT+ certification. You can e-mail me at wyrostekw@msn.com or post a comment on the InformIT.com discussion board. Thanks for considering this career choice.

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