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Mobile Apps That Make Watching TV More Interactive

In an effort to engage television viewers, many networks have begun experimenting with the creation of a mobile app that’s designed to be used while watching particular shows on a television set. In this situation, show-specific mobile apps are offered (for free from the App Store or Google Play App Store) that sync up with the live television broadcast and allow viewers to access additional content on a mobile device’s screen, interact in real-time with show cast members and/or other fans, plus participate in polls, or provide other types of live feedback.

Each show-specific mobile app offers a vastly different interactive experience. For example, in conjunction with the SyFy cable television series 12 Monkeys and Expanse, the SyFy Sync mobile app is able to take control of the optional Phillips Hue lighting system installed in your room (www.meethue.com) and change the room’s lights to match the colors of particular scenes in the show to create a more visually immersive viewing experience.

Special apps for some TV networks’ morning shows, nightly news broadcasts, and late-night talk shows are also available. This includes apps for The Today Show, NBC Nightly News, The Tonight Show, ABC News, 48 Hours, CBS News, and ABC News.

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