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Purchasing TV Shows to Watch on Your Computer

From online-based services such as the Amazon Video Store, Apple’s iTunes Store, and the Google Play Store, you can purchase individual TV series episodes or entire seasons of TV series, and then download that content to your computer. In the next section, the iTunes Store is used as an example to show how content is acquired. The process is similar among all of the services.

These video files are provided in a specific file format that’s compatible with that service’s own viewing and digital file management software. However, after you purchase a TV show in digital form, you own it.

The file can be downloaded and stored on your computer, stored in the cloud, and/or transferred to any of your other computers (or mobile devices) that are linked to the same account you used to purchase the content.

Purchase Content from iTunes

From your Mac or PC, follow these directions to find, purchase, download, and watch a TV show episode using the free iTunes software (www.itunes.com):

  • circle-1.jpg Launch the iTunes software on your Mac (shown) or PC.

  • circle-2.jpg Click the iTunes Store option.
  • circle-3.jpg Click the TV icon that’s displayed in the top-left corner of the screen.
  • circle-4.jpg If you know the name of the TV series you want to acquire episodes for, enter the series name into the Search field.

  • circle-5.jpg From the Television screen within the iTunes Store, click the See All option located to the right of the Latest TV Episodes heading to see the latest episodes of popular TV shows that have been added to the service.

  • circle-6.jpg Click the graphic icon for a specific TV series.

  • circle-7.jpg Alternatively, click the See All option associated with the New and Noteworthy heading, or click a show listing that’s found under the Top TV Episodes heading (not shown).

  • circle-8.jpg Make sure you’re viewing the show description screen for the season you’re interested in, click the SD or HD option icon (based on your resolution preference), and then click the Price icon that’s associated with the single episode you want to purchase and download.
  • circle-9.jpg From the series description screen, click the Price button for a single episode or click the Buy Season Pass button to subscribe to purchase an entire season of episodes.

  • circle-10.jpg Click the Buy button on the purchase confirmation screen. When prompted, enter the password that’s associated with your Apple ID account.

  • circle-11.jpg The purchased episode is downloaded and stored on your computer’s hard drive, and simultaneously (and automatically) stored online within your free iCloud account. It’s now available to watch on any computer or mobile device that’s linked to your Apple ID or that’s tied to your iCloud Family Sharing plan (not shown).

  • circle-12.jpg Click My TV Shows at the top of the screen to view all TV episodes (and complete seasons of shows) that you own.

  • circle-13.jpg Click an episode listing to begin viewing that episode. If the episode listing has an iCloud icon associated with it, this means the episode’s video file is stored within your online-based iCloud account, but not on the computer (or mobile device) you’re currently using. Click the iCloud icon to download the episode. As the episode is downloading, you can begin watching it by clicking its listing.

  • circle-14.jpg After an episode begins playing, playback controls are displayed at the bottom of the screen. These include a volume slider, a time slider, an AirPlay icon, a Rewind to Beginning icon, a Rewind icon, a Play/Pause icon, a Fast Forward icon, a Fast Forward to End icon, a Closed Captioning icon, and a Full Screen viewing mode icon. Click the X icon to exit the episode and return to the previous iTunes menu (not shown).
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