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  1. Frank Remarks: Building a Climate of Trust with Newsletters
  2. Are You Sharing My Info Without My Permission?
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Are You Sharing My Info Without My Permission?

Finally, and most importantly, keep your subscriber's privacy in mind.

You thought spamming consumers with unwanted email can blight your company's reputation? Consumers are even more upset over the incessant abuse of their personal privacy. Gathering a certain amount of information is necessary to create and build that all-important relationship with your clients. But long-term relationships are built on trust.

Building trust starts with building a good privacy policy. Make sure that your company has a privacy policy, and post it in an easy-to-find spot on your web site—in every web page footer, for example. Tell your subscribers how you'll use the personal information that you gather when they sign up for your newsletter—that goes a long way in building their trust. If you don't already have a privacy policy, the Direct Marketing Association can build you a basic privacy statement for your web site at http://www.the-dma.org/library/privacy/creating.shtml.

Remember that building trust with your customer is a long-term project. You can easily create a climate of mistrust by sending promotions instead of news and mishandling the personal information you collect when customers subscribe.

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